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Carton Ori VERSO sans bandes FINAL

Jeudi prochain, vernissage à la Galerie Metropolis !

Pendant deux mois, vous pourrez découvrir le travail d’Ori Levin, dont les vidéos et installations interrogent au plus près le fait de filmer (truquer?) et possiblement de réparer…

En travaillant sur l’exposition, j’ai souhaité avec Marie Guyot-Voyant (Galerie Metropolis) que le texte esquisse les multiples niveaux de son travail, en laissant toutes les interprétations ouvertes, tant de fils à dérouler… Vous le trouverez ici.

Je n’en dirai donc pas plus (pour le moment!) et vous livre en préambule un épisode de “l’Esprit d’Escalier”, sur l’air de la Traviata. Bonne semaine.

Rewind your life / For my next trick I‘ll need to turn the clock back, some ketchup, and my mother
Ori Levin Solo Show
From January 15 through March 25, 2015
Everything begins with the still image of a dead body. Then the picture comes alive. The viewer is invited to scan the image, revealing the video and resurrecting the dead. The installation possesses many layers… Identity, attachment, filiation, betrayal of time, the possibility of separation and what is real ? Introducing augmented reality poses the question of how images mutate from one medium to another. And how a technological device appears to act as a magic tool, to conjure up and repair.The show also includes other classical video pieces, where Ori Levin plays with the storyline by conveying unexpected developments and twists and turns in the story. In all the pieces featured, Ori Levin constructs a place beyond categories, a dreamscape avatar that curiously brings back the idea of Buster Keaton who as an aspiring detective solved a case by entering the cinematic landscape(Sherlock Jr 1924). In fact, Ori Levin stretches the line between the beginnings of cinema and the new ways of multiple storytellings.


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